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Photo by Peter Trimming licensed under CC BY 2.0

What Is Psychotherapy?

The meaning of the word psychotherapy isn't always clear. We are complicated beings — we have wants, fears, dreams, disappointments, fantasies, and thoughts that aren't always easy to understand. There are conflicts inside of everyone, and understanding them is the key to a healthier mind. Psychotherapy, offers exactly that: A space to talk freely and explore your true self, helping you get closer to realizing your full potential.

Our work 


In our work together you’ll learn more about yourself—your true self—in a space where you can express everything you’re feeling without judgment. I come from a psychodynamic approach to therapy, and believe that understanding a person’s problems starts with a better comprehension of their past experiences. The goals of psychotherapy are numerous. But our work together will be in service of helping you become unstuck and moving you toward a more flexible state of being — one that’s healthy and defined by free choice, rather than anxiety, depression, stress, worry, or anything else that is governing your life right now. 

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