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About Me 


I am a New York State licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and a graduate of the post-degree training program in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Karen Horney Clinic and the American Institute for Psychoanalysis.

I have extensive experience working with individuals from the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, young adults, and older adults who deal with depression, anxiety, parenting, trauma, relationship issues, and grief.

In the past decade I've acquired diverse clinical experience in both in New York City and Israel. I've worked with people inside of the health care system, at outpatient treatment centers, and  in community based treatment. Most recently, I have been seeing patients in private practice in New York City. 

I offer therapy in both English and Hebrew.

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My Practice

I focus on a psychodynamic and psychoanalytic treatments that allow you to understand the driving forces behind certain behaviors that may be troubling for you. These can present themselves as stress, anger, depression, anxiety, and other emotions. I provide a neutral environment that creates space to uncover unresolved conflicts within yourself and within other meaningful relationships. This process can be intimate, so it's crucial to find the right therapist for you. Your psychotherapist should be someone who will listen to you and give you valuable input based on what you bring into each session. Our work will entail an in-depth exploration of your inner world and understanding how it affects your life today in order to get to a place of real resolution. Or more simply: I'm joining you — sometimes to listen and sometimes to guide or question — through this journey of exploring your mind and your real self. 

What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

You might be wondering, "How does psychodynamic therapy work?" Psychodynamic therapy — also known as insight-oriented therapy — focuses on the psychological roots of emotional suffering. The core components of this kind of approach to therapy are self-reflection and self-examination. We will work to increase self-awareness and to understand the influence of past experiences on your present behavior.

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